The Superteam Handbook

How to Contribute

A community that ships together, stays together. This is a guide to how you can get involved within Superteam and help your fellow members/contributors.

1. Helping with Community Projects

There are a bunch of projects that are being built by Superteam members and contributors, ranging from Developer Tooling to Payments Infrastructure solutions that have either won instagrants or were founded by members themselves.
As a new member or contributor, helping these projects in their early stages with your skills is probably the highest leverage activity you can pursue while starting out. This not only builds your proof of work but will also help you connect with some of the most skilled folks in the community.
Side Note: Some of our community projects go on to become full-fledged companies and you, as an early contributor to them, can potentially stand to gain the upside and even find full-time work.
To get involved, keep an eye out on the #help-wanted channel in our Discord - most leads tag skill-based roles when they are looking for someone. Note: These opportunities are ephemeral and typically get closed out in less than a day.

If you can't find an open opportunity matching your skillset, don't worry. Few evergreen and permissionless ways of getting involved are helping projects with UX feedback, beta testing, bug reporting, BD and growth strategy, etc. - reach out to the Working Group Lead with ideas on how you can help them ship better!

2. Bounties

Open contests for work. Typically completed in less than a few days with first prizes of $1,000+
These can be of different types:
  • Deep Dive Essays (Some guidelines on how you can crush deep dives bounties here)
  • Video Memes
  • Youtube Videos
  • Technical Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Beta Testing
Find open Superteam bounties here.

3. Instagrants

Equity-free grants to support builders across the Solana ecosystem. Applications take less than 15 minutes, approval decisions come within 48 hours.


Request for Proposals are ideas and sources of inspiration you can use to build products, apply for a grant and help the ecosystem grow. Find some great RFPs in our Substack articles here.
Apply for an instagrant here.

4. Missions

Freelance contracts for either an individual or a team to complete. Some Missions are open to the public, others are only available to Contributors (Level 2) and Members (Level 3) of the Superteam.
Look for freelance work in some of the top Solana projects here.

5. Sourcing Projects

Think of the community as your on-demand agency. We have developers, designers, writers, memers, and many more people ready to work on projects.
If you’re able to source a project - by talking to Solana founders, winning an RFP, or any other method - we encourage you to bring it to the community.
There are three benefits of bringing a project to the community:
  • Hire vetted collaborators to help you finish the project
  • Get feedback and support from other Members
  • Receive XP when the project ships
There are no downsides to bringing a project to the community. It’s entirely free - you’ll still get to manage and keep 100% of the project’s budget. You’ll also retain all rights and decision-making authority.

6. Jobs and Internships

Full-time opportunities for people who want to create crypto products and communities.
Here are some of the best resources we have curated in the Superteam Talent Guide to help you start earning in Web3.
Check out our job board here, apply for internships here, and add yourself to the Superteam Talent Network to get notified when relevant opportunities become available here.

7. Non-project tasks to do within the Superteam:

Community Ops:
  • ​Introduce @kash to a Project that Sponsors a Bounty: 100 XP
  • ​Manage a Bounty: 35 XP
  • ​Review a Bounty: 20 XP
  • ​Lead a Member Onboarding Call: 25 XP
  • ​Lead a Lurker Onboarding Call: 10 XP
  • ​Greet a New Member in a 1:1 call: 5 XP
  • ​Take and Post Meeting Notes to LUMA: 10 XP
  • ​Host an Event with 6+ Attendees: 25 XP
  • ​Win a Bounty: 50 XP
  • ​2nd Place a Bounty: 25 XP
  • ​Submit a Bounty: 10 XP
  • ​Create a Notion page header: 15 XP
  • ​Hype Video (Accepted and Published): 250 XP
  • ​Write a twitter thread: 10 XP
  • ​Write an essay: 10 XP
  • ​Contribute to the Monthly Newsletter (subject to availability): 25 XP
  • ​Get a PR submitted/approved to Solana Cookbook: 100 XP
  • ​Make an accepted contribution to 150 XP